Remarkable Health

Remarkable Health is the leading Provider Success Platform Company focused on the Behavioral Health Industry. In need of production services to build more marketing material, they sent an SOS to a slew of production companies. We at Ambient received the call and before long they turned to us to execute a multi-day production for a bevy of video deliverables. Since we were working around the employees at the company during a normal work week, it was important to utilize a nimble crew so they could proceed with business as usual. We documented the culture around the office, the employees in their element, and the positive CEO that pushes the team forward. After wrapping production, we headed back to the editing bays and spent weeks fine tuning the edits for 5 videos including an animated explainer video. Once the deliverables were approved, we handed them over to RH so they could distribute them on their site and in other places. Their aim was to provide B2B insight and clarity for potential partners and also inform potential employees about their fun down-to-earth culture and team.


The most important asset to any successful company’s bag of tricks is their culture. If you foster the right atmosphere needed to keep your employees inspired, that trickles into every facet of a business. Remarkable Health is one of those companies that rely on their culture to push progress.


Remarkable Health needed to take a 10,000 foot view of their industry which is Behavioral Health so they set about doing just that… in an unconventional way. Utilizing animation and a mix of a live action host, Ambient helped RH engage their audience with visuals while getting down to the nitty gritty. 


If anyone knows a thing about modern tech, it’s Remarkable Health undoubtedly. They come with a lot of knowledge when it comes to building an application and they are revolutionizing the way Behavioral Health is managed and where all the time goes.