UC Berkeley School of Optometry

UC Berkeley and Paragon Vision Sciences teamed up with Ambient Skies to create a brand video and mini-doc for one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. After collaborating with the Berkeley’s marketing team in pre-pro, Ambient was able to create a clear direction for the videos and execute a successful production utilizing the majority of Ambient’s services including a number of specialty operator services. Media from multiple day production was then cut in our post facilities and turned around to meet the college’s deadline on time. 


Brand film’s do not speak with sales in mind, but rather culture and values. It was clear that future students were missing something upon being accepted to UC, they didn’t have a clear expectation of the faculty, the students or the grounds where they’d likely be spending most of their time for numerous years. Their marketing department crossed paths with Ambient and it was a done deal. A skeleton crew was flown out to the historical university to execute the production and give them a brand film they could hang their hat on.


The University of California, Berkeley, School of Optometry is an optometry school in the US that offers a graduate-level, four-year professional program leading to the Doctor of Optometry degree (OD). With a brand new Dean joining in 2017 and a faculty full of bright minds that have handfuls of great things to say about the school, it seemed only natural to inform the public about what UC Berkeley stands for. And who better than the very people that a future student would be rubbing shoulders with.