Scientific American

Well known all over the states for their informative magazine, the household name Scientific American sent multiple producers out to document the everyday working lives of candidates that were in the running to win a prize for their contributions to the medical field and receive honor for their life’s work. Somewhat of a lifetime achievement award that would be followed by an article in the magazine that told their story. While they sent out a team of producers, each one needed a well versed crew to assist in capturing the content they needed to build out their documentaries. That’s where Ambient stepped in. After coordinating production details and gearing up, the crew set out with the producer from SA on multiple day productions in St. George, Utah and the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona to gather the content needed. From capturing a day in the life of the candidates to documenting the cities in which they live in, Ambient helped the producers capture terabytes worth of content to be used to build out their story. Premiering at the award show, the documentaries went on to serve their purpose and inform the audience and all of America about the heroic lives that they lead.




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