Live Action Reel 2020-2021

So, what's the story?

Talk about within our wheelhouse, live action execution is where Ambient shines the brightest and thrives on creating imaginative content that compels and grabs ahold of your heart and mind. We execute on a higher level and incorporate our values into every frame we capture. Tenacious and always striving for improvement, our approach to storytelling starts with keeping an open mind and experimenting with the unconventional.


From the familiar to the bizarre and everywhere in between, we make the most out of the 30 to 60 seconds we have to engage your demographic. With our team of rockstars, the sky’s the limit. Whether your budget is high or low, we deliver stellar results every time.


Every company needs a ton of content to get the word out about how great they are, but it needs to be branded. Stock footage doesn’t cut it and it does your company a disservice when you miss an opportunity to present a professional cohesiveness. 


People need to be convinced before they go all in on what you’re bringing to the table and who better to do that convincing than the people who can vouch for your company. Break down that reluctant window shopper and turn them into ambassadors.  


Everybody leads a different kind of life, but company’s speak to certain lifestyles whether they try to or not, it’s just the nature of their offer. Capture the essence of your consumer or client and drive that type of person right to your doorstep.


We go where the stories take us. It’s easy to turn into a temporary nomad when you’re following a narrative that’s unfolding right in front of you. Non-fictional storytelling requires a different kind of strategy to capture the emotional content needed to move your audience.


We started this company to develop original content and we’ve never lost sight of that goal. If you have an idea you think we’d love to hear about, we’re open to listening. Whether it’s all in house or through a partnership, original content is king at Ambient Skies.


With the state of the world in its current state, more companies are turning to virtual events over physical. If you’re looking for a team that knows how to navigate this live TV approach to throwing an event, you found the right peeps.