The RIV Ranch, a place with endless possibilities where you can build your very own customized Texas adventure, was missing one key element to generate more business -- A solid video advertisement. Located in the great outdoors of Southern Texas, where production companies aren’t quite a dime a dozen. The folks at RIV spent time researching pro-cos' from all over, including other states, to find a good fit for them creatively and financially. They contacted us requesting a proposal and within a week, they approved our quote and before you know it, we were working out logistics and hiring a specialty operator to fly out to Texas for the better half of a week. After spending 4 days traversing the unique landscape which includes the Nueces river, huge mountain ranges, and all the wildlife you can dream up, our operator flew back to our home base in AZ with all of the footage in tow where we spent weeks cutting together a spot for The RIV ranch that exceeded the expectations of their team. Moving forward they’ll be able to reach more people through various distribution options online and will benefit from the rise in traffic they see on their site.


Truly a place of wonder, this place isn’t just for hunters. If you want to experience all of the outdoor fun Texas has to offer, it’s all rolled up into one place… The RIV ranch. From Kayaks, paddle boards, swimming and fishing on the river to camping, hiking, riding, and romping in the forest or on the plains. There’s plenty to do for the ultimate outdoor enthusiast. Stay at their resort with the family and rent one of their many luxurious cabins. This is a place where you can just enjoy nature as you take in the serenity and beauty of Texas.


If you’ve never been to the RIV Resort, you’re missing out! Good thing we put together a sneak peek of the facility. Do a quick walkthrough the cabins, the river, the docks, recreation area, and more. Nestled in the heart of Texas, you get the best that this diverse state has to offer, exclusively as the RIV Resort. The tour showcases the convenient layout of the grounds so future guests can get familiarized with the resort and gain their bearings.