Come July, we all know barbeque is a BIG deal for Americans this time of year. The same goes for our Canadian beer-drinking friends up north! We had the absolute pleasure partnering with Budweiser Canada for their latest commercial spot “Budweiser Barbeque Insurance.” This hilarious spoof playfully mocks the notorious “Jake from State Farm,” featuring professional ice hockey player and media mogul Paul Bissonnette aka “BizNasty,” who is offering Budweiser insurance claims to fans who have a BBQ gone awry.

Unreasonable Studios developed this solid concept for Budweiser Canada and needed a production company that could handle the high pressure production for a national advertisement. Together, Ambient and Unreasonable Studios took on the ambitious creative concept and constructed a state of the art BBQ Insurance Office in a matter of days. A hefty crew was assembled to work on the production that took place at the top of the US Bank building in downtown Phoenix. Veteran DP Jonathan Belinski was selected for his style and extensive experience working with athletes. 

As typical during this time of Covid, Ambient took extreme precautions on set to follow all CDC guidelines and we delivered a streamlined remote production that Unreasonable Studios & Budweiser’s Agency participated in via zoom. With a live feed streaming online straight from A cam, they were able to stay safe and remote without missing a beat. Biznasty entered the building and just crushed it with his enthusiastic energy and great attitude. That got the team pumped and everyone was able to perform their A game because of it. 

Meet BizNasty

A fan favorite in Arizona, Pittsburgh and Canada, Paul Albert Bissonnette, otherwise known as “Biznasty”, was born March 11th, 1985 in Welland, Ontario with hockey in his blood. The Canadian native started and ended his career in his homeland, but made a few stops in between during his career. One of those stops included his five year run with the Phoenix Coyotes where he was a valuable asset to the team and a force to be reckoned with. More than skills on the ice, Biznasty won over his fans with his outrageous personality off the ice where he is surprisingly outgoing when compared to most humble pie hockey players. Retiring from hockey in 2017, Biznasty enjoys his life in sunny Arizona where he is the color analyst for the Arizona Coyotes radio and a host on the Barstool Sports hockey podcast Spitten’ Chiclets.

BBQ Insurance Set Build

There were inherent challenges involved with this commercial’s set build as the location selected for production was on the 23rd floor of the US Bank building in downtown Phoenix. We utilized some elements of this space as they were while building three unique sets. With an ever shifting concept, the art department was put to the test to find solutions to the demands of the creative. As somewhat of an homage to the Jake from State Farm commercials, set one was meant to look like a legitimate lobby area at an insurance company building. Set two was meant to look like a fine art gallery display of Budweiser and backyard barbecues. Again it was a combination of adding to a location that offered half of what was needed to build the right atmosphere. With set three, our team constructed a CEO office for Biznasty using a large open area with office props and furniture placed in front of a false window frame with a backlit translight backdrop of skyscrapers. This translight was massive and a great tool to overcome exposure issues and get the right look desired.

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