Achieve More Authenticity in Your Automotive Advertising

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Achieve More Authenticity in Your Automotive Advertising

Consumers are getting wiser and expecting more these days from advertising, especially in the automotive space. More than ever before, authenticity is proving a key differentiator between ads that perform well and those that don’t. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with automotive companies that have embraced authenticity in their marketing strategy and content and want to share some of that work with you here. 

But first, we’ve put together four different ways you can achieve more authenticity in your advertising endeavors based on our experience working directly with automotive clients.

1. Hire a Diverse Group of Employees

Your employees should reflect the makeup of your customer base. Today, it’s incredibly important to employ a diverse array of people within your company. There are many benefits that show up in this list, but we put this overarching factor first because we think it’s the foundation to success in maintaining authenticity. The wider the array of people you employ, the more people will see you as an authentic workplace. 

2. Focus On Real Customer Stories

Case studies are a great way to connect with audiences because they show real people dealing with real issues. If your company was involved with those case studies, even better.  This strategy is about getting to know the people who want or need your service. The more you understand these personas, the better you are able to “speak to” others like them in your target audience. 

3. Consider the Messenger 

Who’s talking to your customers? Who’s targeting what sector of your buyers? When prospective customers can see themselves in the person speaking to them, they are much more inclined to listen and understand how your product or service could benefit them.

4. What is the Data Telling You? 

Survey your customers, survey your employees. Find out what’s working and find out what’s not. You have the answers in front of you every day. Sometimes, you just need to gather a little intel to know what the next right move looks like. 

How We Used Authenticity to Produce 3 Impactful Automotive Ads 

In our recent automotive advertising and marketing work, you’ll see that the companies we worked with understood how important authenticity is at a strategic level. Each one of these projects involved real life individuals that use the product, either as influencers or true customers. 

With all of the examples, we scaled our services to what they had in mind and worked with different budgets, crew size, and equipment to make sure we brought things in for the price we promised and with a mutually agreed-upon vision.  

1. Ford Motor Company 

The new Ford Bronco was built with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Sleek, more compact, and smaller, but with the same power that the old Broncos embodied. This one has incredible off-road capabilities. But what’s the best way to show this, and not be boring like other companies? 

We teamed up with Agency Imagination to execute a 2-day documentary production for Ford’s new Bronco. Our deep knowledge of Arizona’s picturesque outdoor landscapes and competitive production prices allowed us to score this job. 

Authenticity was important to us, so when it came time to cast and shoot the spot, we used a real car modifier whose shop we had worked within the past, and two professional MTB Bikers, who would be the kind of people to actually take a Bronco off-road into Sedona. 

We were able to capture the Bronco going actually off-road and being used by the customers most likely to buy such a vehicle. We could show how the car was able to handle carrying bikes, going through rivers, and climbing the side of red rocks to get you to your destination.

2. Atlas Copco 

We have to admit, we were a little star-struck working with Velocity’s TV show “All Girls Garage,” but we were even more excited to highlight their shop with our production. Our assignment was straightforward, to show how the ladies use Atlas Copco equipment in their everyday lives while working on classic cars and trucks.

These women were comfortable around cameras, and we quickly were able to use that to our advantage, getting them using tools in creative and impressive ways.. 

Our whole strategy was built around the real use of tools and products. What’s great for the customer is that they get to see the real cars constructed and refined using these tools and highlighting different products they make for the automotive industry. 


3. Thor Industries 

If you’ve ever driven in a Recreational Vehicle, you’ve probably heard of Thor Industries. They build innovative and luxurious RV’s, holding firm their place in the upper echelons of the industry.  We knew right from the start that this company understood the importance of authenticity and knew their customers. 

To create this ad, we joined forces with advertising agency RoadTrippers to produce “Parents Unleashed,” which followed Robin and Warren Baxter, two real-life Thor Industries customers, on an outdoor trip in their RV. 

We think you can feel the soul inside this ad, because you can really see the authenticity of the Baxters and believe their story about how Thor Industries allows them to spend quality time with their kids and grandkids on a regular basis. 


Are you ready to give your automotive advertising a boost with authenticity? If you’re looking for a consultative ear, we’re here for you! We’d love to chat about your next project and let you use our experience to your advantage.

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