How to Create Week’s Worth of Content with One day of Video Production

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How to Create Week’s Worth of Content with One day of Video Production

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that video production is expensive.

And once you start paying close attention to detail, the expenses start adding up very quickly. 

That’s why most professional video production companies now-a-days try to “dual-purpose” a single production day as much as they possibly can. 

That means they try to get a few jobs done within one day of crew pay.

There are lots of strategies you can employ to get more bang for your buck. For example, both behind the scenes (#BTS) and product photos (#productphotography) work very well for weeks worth of social media content. 

There are so many more ways to capitalize!

Today, I’m going to walk you how to create an entire week of content out of one day of shooting.

Let’s go! 

How To Create week’s worth of content with one day of video production

 As I mentioned in the opener, a simple trick for getting your money’s worth is to use BTS photos and B-roll to put on social media. 

But even that can amp up the cost. 

This will likely require you to hire an extra photographer on set, strictly for the purpose of capturing usable content for strategic purposes. 

Some of these purposes include site design and updating, company branding, traffic and exposure, and of course… more content to make advertisements with.

Why else do you dual purpose shooting?  

Which leads me to my next point… Another reason for “Dual Purpose-ing” is to get the most out of your day of production. 

If applicable and possible… Plan out several video concepts and shoot them all in one day. On a typical interview video production, the production company will grab 3 hours of content to use for a 2-3 minute video.  

There is definitely reusable content within that other 2 hours and 57 minutes worth of footage. 

Plan rigorously in pre production for additional ways to use the content captured. The more strategy you can put into achieving as much productivity without losing any creativity, the more your company will benefit from repurposing 1 days worth of video production into weeks worth of content marketing.

Make shot lists, storyboards, and prep as much as possible. 

Let’s go over three other key factors of dual purpose-ing. 

3 KEY factors to think about when you Dual Purpose:

  • Script/ Interview Questions : This will involve having to come up with more questions that pertain to the other video concepts when dealing with interviews or writing multiple scripts for a narrative or a video host. It’s more work on your end, but you will be saving money on the other hand.
  • Wardrobe : You will likely want to think about wardrobe and having them change out for each new video concept to give some separation between each video. Consider color schemes and styles that attract the right reaction to the material being presented.
  • Location : Deciding the right location can become another factor to think about as well. Is there a location with multiple unique backdrops to shoot against as opposed to only one usable backdrop. 

Summing up How to Create A Week Week’s Worth of Content with One day of Video Production

With today’s expenses in running a business,  you should be looking to save money anywhere that you can, and capitalizing off of any good opportunities that arise.

The dual-purpose shoot is one any professional video production service should be able to provide. 

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! 

Let us know in the comments.

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