Davinci Resolve is a game changer for the Post Production workflow

By | Published January 26th, 2016 | in Post Production

Davinci Resolve is a game changer for the Post Production workflow

The latest installation in the DaVinci Resolve software package has turned a platform that provided excellent color correction into an all-in-one editing dashboard. 

With Resolve 12, film editors can edit, color correct, grade and finalize, all within the same program. 

Before this latest release, you would have to correct colors, save the new file, load it into a third-party platform, make necessary edits, and go back to Resolve to finalize. Resolve 12 changes all of that.

Today I want to cover the pros of the DaVinci Resolve 12 and talk about why it continues to revolutionize what we do in the edit bay. 

Let’s go. 

How the DaVinci Resolve 12 Closed the Editing Gap

The DaVinci Resolve combines a range of great features with a newly designed and highly intuitive user interface. Resolve 12 has created an end-to-end post-production solution. The dashboard design puts the editor in control, allowing you to easily reach the features you use most.

Eliminating Round Trip Errors

Consider how much time you spend sending files from your non-linear editing program to Resolve and back. 

With the new Resolve, that is not an issue. Within this program are all the tools you need to edit, color and finish your video. 

That’s not only a time saver but also an intuitive way to plan your edits based on using all these options as steps in the process. 

How does the DaVinci Resolve 12 keep you organized?

Another benefit to cutting out the file movement is a quality improvement. You probably approach your workflow from a very organized perspective, but there is always the possibility of translation errors when moving from one software platform to another. 

Even when a software integrates nearly seamlessly with Resolve, there is still the possibility of losses due to data compression or changing file types. 

Resolve 12 eliminates the issue by bringing the editing functions under the same roof. This helps save time in your work process and protects the quality of your image files.

Resolve is Feature-Rich

Not only does the added editing functionality reduce the time on post-production, it also combines many of the best features from other NLEs into the new dashboard. 

Think about your favorite NLE features from other platforms like FCP X and Avid. Now look through the features added into Resolve 12. The common favorites are included. For example, the new ‘Smart Bin’ works very similarly to ‘Smart Collections’ in FCP X. You can automatically organize all of your footage based on set criteria. 

This cuts out a lot of early editing time. Some of the other features include ripple editing and slip/slide, but possibly the most impressive part of the editing portion of the platform is integration. Instead of manually selecting tools during edits, Resolve will auto-select the right tool based on where your mouse is hovering on the timeline.

Streamline Video Post Production

With features like the ability to apply edits across all, or selected, clips and the detailed control offered by the curves editor, switching solely to DaVinci Resolve 12 might be one of the easier decisions you make this year. 

This new release combines all the best features of a first-class color grading program and everything you want in an NLE package.

Summing up the fantastic DaVinci Resolve 12

All in all, the Resolve 12 marks a step forward in both technology and features. Editing can be a drag, but with this level of control, you can see your vision come to life faster than ever. 

So get out there and get editing. 

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