How to find good video production companies

By | Published October 23rd, 2014 | in Video Production Services

How to find good video production companies

Maybe you or your corporation needs a video but has no idea where to start. How do you find someone to work with and how can you tell if they’re honest or even good? 

Searching for the right video production company can be tough with zero industry experience. Am I going to end up with a fresh out of college filmmaker? Or will the quotes I receive be way too high for my budget?

Spending a few hours getting nowhere with these tasks can also further complicate the idea of using video for your company in the first place.

In addition, there has been a recent rise in middle-man services providing lists of what they consider to be qualified filmmakers. These companies are a joke in this industry and have found ways to capitalize off creatives that can not capitalize for themselves in a tough freelance society.

How many different people or companies will you have to call, request bids, & decide between for your next video? Don’t rely on middle man services due to lack of experience. 

The possibilities are almost endless in terms of customizing your new creative crew. From initial concept to amazing CGI post-production, the resources of freelance professionals available at your fingertips is tested, tried and true. 

So let’s go over a few ways to find the best video production to work with. 

How to find good video production companies

Here are three major resources on how to find good video production companies and filmmakers. Following these helpful research tips below will also provide a resource that teaches the different video industry terms and fields of expertise. 

Some common online search methods include:

1. Google

Local search Video Production Company Your Location


2. Vimeo

Groups, Albums, Channels & User searches are great ways to find very talented filmmakers. 


3. Trusted industry databases & are two of the larger databases. Premium beat provides a great article labeling some other industry favorites. 


I’ve done all this, now what? 

How to find good video production companies

IMPORTANT:  Once you have narrowed your research efforts down to a couple of solid candidates, it is suggested to use these requirements with all 3 of the resources provided above.


Use social network especially Linkedin to verify qualifications


Any video company or professional will have a video reel that showcases their work


Avoid middle man services in this industry by speaking directly to your creatives. 

Summing up How to find good video production companies

In addition to these valuable resources, many individual states and countries have reliable networks established for this industry. 

Usually started by motivated and respected industry producers, these networks are generally not for profit. Here is one example, Arizona Production Association

Don’t limit yourself to your location, this industry is mobile when talent speaks for itself!

Once you have found your potential production company, here are some ideas of where to go next:

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