How We Produce Healthcare Focused Content with ROI

By | Published March 4th, 2022 | in Healthcare, Industries

How We Produce Healthcare Focused Content with ROI

Working with the healthcare industry is something we pride ourselves on. Over the course of many years working with healthcare companies, we’ve become well-versed with regulations facing the industry and the myriad concerns facing healthcare leaders. We know that most healthcare companies have impressive internal compliance processes, reflecting how litigious the industry can be.

Above all, we understand that the one thing you’re most concerned about when it comes to advertising is a return on investment. It can be very frustrating when advertising content isn’t working.

Why Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

There are a lot of reasons things could be going wrong. According to a recent article by Forbes, there are eight common reasons marketing campaigns fail. Among them are having too many objectives; unclear unique value proposition; weak or unclear calls to action; customer experience difficulties (like difficulty checking out of an online shopping site); using content that doesn’t stand out; relying on a single channel to disperse content; a budget that is too small; and unrealistic expectations.

Strategy Will Save The Day

We have been able to help our clients steer clear of these common pitfalls by investing time upfront to develop a strategy that takes into consideration all of these factors.  When you work with us, we will guide you through processes that will ensure we design the right content and deliver it in a way that reaches the correct audience – so that you get the results you hoped for from your marketing campaign.

While every healthcare company we work with comes with their own objectives and unique circumstances, we think your company can see the kind of success they’ve had by letting us help you with your content strategy.

We Help Our Healthcare Clients See Results

For our client Paragon, for example, they saw an almost 40% increase in client interaction when they began using us to create story-driven advertisements for them. That meant converting thousands of new contacts and clients over the following year. If you’re curious what we produced for this client, check out our case study of this project.

One of our proudest moments was creating a viral case study for EyeTech that they posted to their social channels and to YouTube. In only a few days, they were already seeing an amazing return on their Facebook page as people shared the video far and wide. It led to nearly 100k likes and is still growing to this day. It also did what we think is the most important part of investment, it built trust with their audience.

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