4 Ways to produce professional video content for your website

By | Published May 3rd, 2016 | in Types of Video Production

4 Ways to produce professional video content for your website

Is your company forward-thinking? Do they have their finger on the pulse or current events? If not, can you persuade them to? 

Because if your company is not using video marketing then they’re in trouble. 

Why is video marketing important? 

Video marketing offers a way to connect with potential customers. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing. 

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and generates more than 4 billion views per day. 

With those numbers, every small business should be looking for a way to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. 

So today, let’s go over four of the best ways to incorporate professional video content for your company’s website.

4 Ways to produce professional video content for your website

While most people want video for their company’s website, the challenge often lies in budgetary constraints. 

Most small businesses lack the in-house staff to put together polished video productions, but with the right post-production, professional videos don’t have to blow the marketing budget.

So let’s go through our tips that should save you time and money. 

Build a How-To Library

How-to videos and guides educate consumers about your products. Demonstration allows potential customers to see how your products can solve their problems. Using the entirely in-house staff, you can collect hours of the demonstration video, but that doesn’t give you a final cut that can go out to the public. 

Working with a good editor can help you create a video that tells the story in the minimum amount of time. If you provide the video content, you can pay solely for editing. Editing services can help you cut out the most productive parts of the video and put together a final piece that tells the story. 

Post-production services add a bit of polish and help create a publication-ready video.

Add Animations

A short animation reel can bump up the value of any production. Animation can tell a story quickly and clearly, avoiding the need for hours of video and special effects. Instead, you animate the information and compress the story. 

The result is a short piece of engaging content that can work in virtually any advertisement setting. With more and more advertisements shortening to just a few seconds, an animation may be the best way to tell the story on a tight budget.

And it always looks cool and slick. 

Voice Overs Add Drama and Utility

A simple voiceover in post-production can completely change the tone and style of a video clip. With a voiceover, you can tell the history of your organization, do a quick demo, reveal what’s behind the scenes, record video blogs or host webinars. 

Voiceovers allow you to show one piece of the picture as you tell the rest of the story. They are quick, easy to add, and an inexpensive way to add production value to your videos.

Going Green for Video

Green screen allows you to get more creative with your videos and can provide more options in post production for background elements, animation, and transitions. 

You have the ability to turn a simple video into something very eye-catching for a low price as opposed to building a background set or using practical effects. 

Green screen videos allow one to cut corners and still get the point across in a clean, stylized way.

 Plus it gives you the ability to work in any environment and think outside the box. 

Summing up the 4 Ways to Produce Professional Video Content for your Company

The next time you are looking to make your content more engaging, consider these four options and ask yourself if you are covering all of the bases. You can create a video marketing presence that looks professional without the costs of full studio development.

As always, if you have questions leave them in the comments!

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