The top 3 film tools for independent filmmakers from 2014

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The top 3 film tools for independent filmmakers from 2014

There’s a lot we can learn from the past. 2014 was not that long ago, and it was a landmark year for tools for independent filmmakers. 

Let’s take a look at the three biggest advancements and why you should still be using them today. 

Get ready to roll cameras! 

The top 3 film tools for independent filmmakers from 2014

The top 3 emerging film tools for independent filmmakers of 2014

1. Motion Control

Just a few years ago, a typical independent filmmaker could not afford to rent, let alone own the motion control rigs floating around the industry at that time. Companies like CAMblock and Kessler decided it was time that a smaller, more lightweight, and affordable version of these motion control rigs needed to be constructed. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect… With the emergence of 4k, we have seen an overall upgrade in the quality of imagery achieved with affordable budgets.

Motion control helps you get precise movement in your shots and acts as an extra crew member in the world of cinematography. That alone cuts down on money and time by reducing the number of retakes and is one less mouth to feed. When it comes to timelapses, it’s allowed DP’s to push new boundaries and capture unique angles with groundbreaking movement.




2. Aerial Photography

If you haven’t noticed, more and more videos you see on TV and on the Internet contain far more Ariel shots than we’re used to seeing. These are the nice long establishing shots circling around a property or event or flying over a crowd of people. The size and weight of the “Drone” ranges between each manufacturer, but all are primarily built the same and require a groundbreaking gimbal that is the magic core of this revolutionary device.

 These overhead shots can give a dramatic and important feel to your work. It provides scope and scale for a minimal price.

3. Motion Control Steadicam

With the emergence of the 3 axis gimbal and the new wave of motion control technology, we have seen new steadicam rigs that are putting the old steadicam operator out of business. Now what used to be a one-man operation with the occasional safety person or focus puller, can easily turn into a three-man operation depending on the application. Using wireless controls to pull focus and control the gimbal, the operator simply has to be in the right place, pointed in the right direction, and focusing on the subject with room for minor shake.

Summing up the top 3 film tools for independent filmmakers from 2014

Even though 2014 seems like the distant past, you can see how these tools made an impact all over entertainment. 

Technology changes, but techniques and tools are around forever. 

So the next time you get ready to shoot, think about what you learned in the past

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